The Bluebox 500kW product is modular and skid mounted, approximately 4.0m in length, 2.2m wide and 3.0m high, consisting of 4 primary components:


– Air Compressor

– Waste Heat Exchanger

– Expansion Turbine

– Generator


Air is the selected working fluid since it is free, plentiful, non-hazardous and requires no conditioning.  The compressor and the turbine are combined in a single rotating shaft allowing expanded energy to drive the compressor once the unit is up and running.  A gearbox and controls are also installed on the skid to complete the system.


With sufficient waste heat added to the heat exchanger, the expander turbine generates more energy than is required by the compressor to pressurize the air, thus net electrical power is generated by taking advantage of the available waste heat.


As the system is patent pending, a confidentiality agreement must be signed for detailed information and specifications.


Typical benefits for a BBT system installation include:


– compact, simple system, easily installed and interconnected

– low capex/opex with very little maintenance required

– high reliability with uptimes of > 98%

– islanding of key equipment from the grid

– atmospheric rejection waste heat capture possible

– avoided generation reduces environmental impact

– reduces carbon intensity of the facility

– green energy qualifies for potential environmental credits

– electricity cost offsets in the tens of millions over operating life