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The Blue Box Advantage

  • Blue Box Technology Fits Perfectly Into an Existing Process
    Blue Box Technology - Fits Perfectly Into an Existing Process

About Blue Box Technology

Blue Box Technology is at the leading edge of developing practical and cost-effective distributed energy generation solutions for energy intensive industries. The company’s products focus on recycling industrial waste heat into electrical power and combined heat and power applications.

The driving force for Blue Box Technology’s innovations is the operating cost impact of high energy bills for businesses. The company’s products are designed to deliver on-site (behind-the-meter) electric power generation from the waste heat of industrial operations. Where an industry cannot use all the power generation itself, Blue Box Technology also works effectively for net metering applications.

Blue Box Technology’s solutions improve the economic fundamentals of a plant’s operation. This provides financial sustainability for the company, with benefits for shareholders, customers and employees. In many jurisdictions, Blue Box Technology’s products will be eligible for attractive incentives designed to lower electricity demand or consumption or both.

Implementing a Blue Box Technology solution also lowers the carbon footprint of your company’s operation. This contributes to the sustainability of the community and corporate social responsibility of your company. Blue Box Technology’s products will be similarly eligible in many jurisdictions for attractive incentives designed to drive a low carbon future.

Blue Box Technology is a distributed energy innovator for the market place of cost-conscious and competitive industrial companies. Please review our product pages to learn how Blue Box Technology can improve both your company’s bottom line and carbon footprint.

About Our Name

Blue Box Tech Logo

While simple on the surface, Blue Box Technology’s name and logo come with purpose. We chose the combination of “technology” and “blue box” to link our company’s focus with recycling (as in the blue collection boxes used in North America and elsewhere). We liked “blue” and “box” as a colour and a symbol because they indicate mechanical and steel based industries. We adopted the curved line in the logo as a representation of the electrical symbol for AC (alternating current) power. The green line in the blue logo is also an indication of our commitment to environmental responsibility in industry.

BBT 500kW & BBT3.5MW
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