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BBT 3.5 MW

Blue Box Technology's BBT 3.5 MW Gas Turbine

The combined heat and power market has been coined “the waking giant”. Industries are realizing that overall sustainability and efficiency can be achieved by adding a combined heat and power cycle. The reason to use the BBT 3.5MW over any other simple cycle gas turbine can be summed up in one word, “reliability”. The turbine has been engineered for aircraft use, and does not require any major replacements until 60,000 hours of operation. The BBT 3.5MW can also throttle to as low as 500kW matching the power curve of the required electrical supply to the facility. As noted in the illustration below, the BBT 3.5MW exhaust at 22MMBTU/HR is equal to 614 m³/HR of gas savings every hour.

Blue Box Technology Cogen and Trigen Solutions

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BBT 500 KW

Blue Box Technology's BBT 500 KW Gas Turbine

Blue Box Technology’s BBT 500kW has been specifically designed for use in high heat industries. The system generates a net power output of 500 kW in a self-sustaining cycle. Its only energy source is a parasitic use of waste heat.

In designing the BBT 500kW system, Blue Box Technology has been conscious of the need to get past the impediments of developing on-site generation in industrial settings, particularly where the waste heat is not needed to support other processes.

The BBT 500kW overcomes the most common problems and hesitations for companies considering waste heat solutions. With a BBT 500kW, the company benefits as follows:

  • Production and processes are left undisturbed
  • Gen-set is a standardized module rather than a customized ‘one-off’ system
  • Waste heat does not become a reason for being in business
  • Secondary need for steam or hot water not required for financial feasibility, etc.
  • Operation risks not expanded – no fluids and pumps required
  • Financial risks are minimized – no unforeseen installation costs and downtimes
  • Low capital cost per kW compared to other options

The BBT 500kW meets the needs of cost-conscious, competitive industries. It is a standardized, compact, skid-mounted unit. All the major components are tried and true industrial equipment with long track records of performance. The only customization required for any installation is simply in ducting the flow of waste heat through the BBT 500kW skid system.

Blue Box Technology’s proprietary rights for the BBT 500kW are process based. They are derived from the intellectual property underlying the integration of the standardized equipment into a power generation technology solution without any need for fossil fuel combustion.

How BBT 500kW Works

Blue Box Technology’s BBT 500kW system generates a net output of 500 kW of electricity through a continuous heat exchange cycle that drives a net energy gain. As show in the figure below, there are three main ‘off-the-shelf’ components for technological simplicity – compressor, turbine and generator.

In the BBT 500kW process, a compressor blows waste heat through a turbine, with the turbine output driving the generator and supporting the electric load to run the compressor.

A comparison with a gas-fired turbine is helpful. Where natural gas is used to create heat for the gas turbine, the BBT 500kW simply makes use of existing waste heat to “fuel” the self-sustaining cycle of compressor, turbine and generator. As a formula, the net electricity generation output equals the gross turbine output minus the compressor load. As a rough measure, the turbine output is split one-third to the generator and two-thirds to the compressor.

The uniqueness of Blue Box Technology’s BBT 500kW is that it is a non-hazardous process requiring no combustion or heat conditioning. All the major components are connected to the same drive train. Minimal maintenance is required and can be performed during existing plant maintenance schedules.

If the BBT 500kW is down for any reason, the company’s production and processes stay on track. The air normally ducted through the BBT 500kW is simply ducted past the system.

General Advantages

Blue Box Technology’s turbines are an industrial workhorse for any high heat industry. Besides delivering worry free behind-the-meter power generation, there are the following advantages in any application:

  • Lowers per kW monthly wires capacity / demand tariff
  • No ‘gen-set’ customization
  • Small footprint – easy transportation, easy installation
  • No fluids, no fluid related engineering and operational issues
  • Up to 98% up times reliably achievable – minimal maintenance
  • 20-year design life
  • Low capital and operating cost per installed kW

Industry / Plant Specific Advantages

Blue Box Technology’s turbines are also able to deliver many additional cost and operational benefits depending on the industry and plant processes.  These can include:

  • Savings on Cooling Waste Heat – Many companies need to cool their waste heat with water or a brine. The BBT 500kW’s parasitic use of waste heat returns a lower waste heat temperature at the end of its process. This lowers the volume and cost of water or brine that needs to be procured.
  • Savings on Fueling Furnaces – exhaust heat from either the BBT 500kW’s use of waste heat for power generation, or the exhaust heat of the BBT 3.5MW can be channeled to the company’s production or process oven, lowering the cost of fuel for heating the oven. This additional advantage may be eligible for natural gas conservation incentives.

Technical Requirements and Feasibility Studies – Waste Heat to Power (BBT 500kW)

The technical requirements for Blue Box Technology’s BBT 500kW are limited in number. These are generally met in any high heat industry. When these are combined with a few plant specific details, Blue Box Technology can readily produce a technical assessment and financial feasibility study. This preliminary work would be done at Blue Box Technology’s expense and under a mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement.

The information requirements for the technical assessment and financial feasibility study are as follows:

  • Temperature – requires 1200°F (650°C) or higher exhaust heat
  • Flow Rate – requires continuous heat flow
  • Heat and flow (CFM) technical study
  • Simple Plant Process Diagram (for high heat components only)
  • Customer cost of electricity – cents / kWh

This minimal degree of information sharing is all that is required to get started. Blue Box Technology can determine the technical feasibility, the financial payback period and the long-term value of the energy savings. The investment payback can be under two years depending on hours of operation and eligibility for incentives.

If a decision is made to proceed, the only remaining technical requirement is a Connection Impact Assessment. This is done in conjunction with your local utility provider. Other requirements may be required to receive approvals for incentives.


Blue Box Technology’s BBT 500kW is valuable to the modern energy system and to climate change objectives in many ways. While objectives vary by jurisdiction, the general benefits behind many jurisdictional benefits are met as follows:

  • Lowers grid level peak demand
  • Lowers company peak demand
  • Lowers grid energy consumption
  • Lowers company energy consumption
  • Supports distributed energy and smart grid objectives
  • Supports behind-the-meter (behind-the-fence) generation objectives
  • Contributes to lower GHG emissions
  • Can lower natural gas consumption in some industrial applications
  • Can lower water consumption in some industrial applications

Blue Box Technology would be pleased to discuss with you how your company can take advantage of incentives in your company’s jurisdiction. Please use the Contact Us page to inquire.